This overview prepares you to start working with Datastreams Platform and helps you understand the platform interface. Step through this guide to learn how to quickly configure and use the modules within Datastreams Platform.

To get started, all you need is an active Datastreams account.

What is Datastreams Platform?

Datastreams Platform is a low-code SaaS platform for workflow automation and/or data streaming.

How It Works

Datastreams Platform enables users to define DAG-structured workflows to stream data from a source to a destination point.

Users will have full control over the start and end-point of the data streams.

Datastreams Platform modules are built on top of the DPU (which interprets the DimML language at runtime) and contain an abstraction or a modeling of business logic and the management of projects and users.

List of available modules

  1. Forms - form builder, i.e.: for KYC and onboarding.

  2. Data Requests / Inflow - tabular data collection manager.

  3. Compliance Monitor - cookie compliance monitoring scan with consent manager integration.

  4. Operator - low-code workflow creator for streaming data.

  5. Privacy and Compliance - multi-channel (cookie) consent management

  6. Quality Assurance - web data validation and reporting for sales and other business critical funnels When a module is used, it will create an operator stream, which is deployed to the DPU. The DPU will either expose an end-point or run a headless stream as a service.

The User Interface

Log into Datastreams Platform to explore the interface:

Next Steps