Compliance Monitor

Datastreams Compliance Monitor is an essential tool to guarantee compliance with the data protection laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

Data protection laws require websites to know which personal data being collected from its users and have their consent prior to collecting and storing.

Personal data are mostly being collected and stored using, i.e.: trackers/tags, cookies, local storage, session storage.

The Datastreams Compliance Monitor automatically checks webpages of a domain for cookies and/or trackers to ensure they are in operation on the domain according to the consent policy.



  • Detects which Cookie Consent Manager or Consent Management Platform(CMP) is integrated on your website

  • Runs a scheduled scan of webpages on a domain and detects all cookies and trackers

  • Provides details of all cookies and trackers

  • Automatically classifies cookies and trackers according to their purpose/policy

  • Sends email notifications when new cookies are being discovered

  • Generates full report of all cookies and trackers

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